Founded in Switzerland in 2017, Protos Asset Management GmbH (“Protos”) is a leading provider of systematic crypto and Defi exposure.

Protos provides a secure way to invest in cryptocurrency assets and DeFi networks that is systematically traded to over 300 accredited individuals, family offices, institutions and funds of funds.

Our founders have 18 combined years investing in Bitcoin and invested in the Ethereum ICO round 1 at ETH 0.25 cents.

Protos Quant accounts aim to systematically reduce risk while growing the size of our clients portfolios relative to their BTC & ETH benchmarks.

Product Innovation

In 2017, we raised the first compliant “tokenized” quantitative crypto fund (one of the first security tokens) – the PRTS token. People in 97 countries could buy into it with as little as $1.00.

Token holder updates

Trade the PRTS token: Register on Securitize or Fusang


Executive Team

Philipp Kallerhoff
Co-Founder & Partner

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Patrick Lambertz

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Oussema Frikha
Software Engineer, Python Developer


Philipp Kallerhoff
Co-Founder & Partner

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Tom Kineshanko
Co-Founder & Partner

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Matthew Shaw
Co-founder & Senior Advisor

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