Protos Asset Management releases March 31st, 2018 PRTS Token NAV


Zurich – April 27th, 2018

Protos Asset Management, a leading data driven cryptocurrency asset manager, today announces that the NAV of each PRTS token as of March 31st, 2018 is $0.66, based on the NAV of the underlying Protos Cryptocurrency Fund Ltd.. Please view your investment in your Tokenhub account:

Assets in portfolio:
BTC – Bitcoin
ETH – Ethereum
XRP – Ripple
LTC – Litecoin
ADA – Cardano
BCH – Bitcoin Cash
BTG – Bitcoin Gold
MIOTA – Iota
EOS – Eos
NEO – Neo
QTM – Qtum
XLM – Stellar
ZEC – Zcash
ETC – Ethereum Classic
DASH – Dash
OMG – OmiseGO
XMR – Monero
DOGE – Dogecoin
REP – Augur
SNT – Status
TRX – Tron
DCR – Decred
XVG – Verge
LSK – Lisk
Basecoin – Basis
USD – US Dollar

The Protos team sincerely appreciates the trust and feedback from our token holders. We are committed to achieve excellence in each piece of the project and have implemented what we believe to be among best in class risk management policies, custodial structures, data infrastructures and trading execution systems that meet very demanding expectations. These systems lay the foundation of the main objective at Protos to substantially grow it’s NAV.

We continue to focus on having the PRTS token listed on all available security exchanges once these are available.We are in close contact with several exchanges, and believe we will announce listings in the coming months.

PRTS Token holders are encouraged to join the Protos Telegram community to contact the team and have informative discussions:

About Protos:
Protos is an actively managed hedge fund with an investment strategy of making strategic investments in digital tokens and actively managing digital tokens, cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrency investments (including derivatives linked thereto). The Fund’s objective is to achieve capital appreciation and produce superior risk adjusted returns while concurrently seeking to use strategies designed to reduce risk.


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