Matthew Shaw
Matthew has had a long and successful career in complex capital markets, spanning 30 years:

Founded / sold for $250 million a specialist emerging markets investment bank.

Founded and co-headed a regulated carbon fund in Luxembourg (voted no. 1 fund in its class for four years).

Angel investor in tech, renewables, fintech and crypto.

Philipp Kallerhoff
Philipp is a hedge fund quant and technology entrepreneur who co-founded the first crypto investment vehicle in Canada in 2013:

Doctorate in Computational Neuroscience.

Traded books of over $1 billion using algorithms and advanced data strategies.

Founded and successfully executed his own VC backed technology startup.

Tom Kineshanko
Tom is a technology entrepreneur for 11 years. He has been investing and trading cryptocurrencies since 2012:

Founded the first crypto investment vehicle in Canada in 2013, a long only tax efficient bitcoin and ether vehicle which invested in the Ethereum ICO.

Founded the first fully licensed and regulated crypto investment firm in Canada,

Founded and successfully exited his own technology startup.

Bosse Rothe
Bosse is an entrepreneur, quant and experienced systematic trader on crypto-assets:

MSc degree in Finance from Copenhagen Business School; Harvard, McGill and Bocconi University.

Helped to successfully scale a machine learning startup and worked at Earlybird Venture Capital.

Ironman and German champion rower.

Sophokles Ktistakis
Sophokles is an AI enthusiast and experienced software developer.

Currently doing his MSc at the ETH Zurich in mechanical engineering, focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics.

He has experience in data analytics for manufacturing and software development.

3+ years in quantitative systematic trading strategies across equities, currencies and rates.

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