Protos gives investors exposure to professionally managed portfolios of cryptocurrency assets and DeFi networks

Since 2017 Protos has helped over 200 investors gain exposure to the emerging digital asset class. We offer products for those holding crypto and those investing with fiat currency.

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More growth, less risk

Everyone should have BTC and ETH, but the path to the moon isn’t straight. Losses and security issues can happen.

Protos’ tested six fully systematic quant strategies over years to prove a system that captures runs, avoids loss, and protects with best available custody.

Protos Bitcoin Quant

1 BTC placed into a Protos BTC Quant Account in 2018 has turned into 3.7 BTC (until end of March 2020), outperforming BTC by 266% with better risk adjusted return (Sharpe ratio of 0.56 versus BTC’s -0.09).

Protos Ethereum Quant

1 ETH placed into Protos ETH Quant in 2018 has turned into 6.75 ETH (until end of March 2020), outperforming ETH by 574% with a 0.48 sharpe ratio versus ETH’s -0.20.

Protos BTC & ETH Quant Accounts

When you invest in a Protos Quant Account you’re getting the benefits of a proven fully systematic BTC/ETH trading system with the piece of mind that comes with dealing with an established and accountable Swiss regulated asset management firm that uses best-in-class service providers.
Protos Bitcoin Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
Stop loss protection to protect downside in (large) selloffs




Systematic quant trading to optimize risk/return

Yes; system w/ 2 year track record outperforming btc & eth







Sharpe Ratio




Fees and costs

2% annual management fee, 20% performance fee charged only upon outperforming btc

.5 to 5% exchange or broker fee upon entry and exit; 1% to 10% per entry/exit cycle.

2% annual management fee, ~30% premium above the cost of buying a Bitcoin regardless of performance


Banks; Gemini (only Soc 2 custodian)

Be your own bank (great, but creates personal risk/safety fear) or exchange (often hacked)

Coinbase (strong)

How it works

There’s a whole lot under the hood, but the design principles are simple:

The system holds crypto when it runs. When crypto drops, it moves out to avoid loss. When funds are out of the market, it uses them to earn low risk monthly yield on highly established and vetted crypto lending platforms.

The system is fully systematic and does not use leverage or take short positions.

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